Step by Step Configuring A Oracle 13c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control


In this article, let us perform the OEM 13.2 Installation on Linux 7 64-bit.

Download the following software’s by clicking the below link

Main steps:-

  • 12c Database Installation (Software-Only)
  • Repository Database Creation Using Template
  • Install Cloud Control 13c software

12c Database Installation (Software-Only):

For this installation you will need for the repository database, so use the installation instructions from one of the following articles,

Kindly refer Oracle Database 12c( Installation to install 12c binaries.

Login as oracle user and add the following entry in .bash_profile

vi /home/oracle/.bash_profile

export LIBPATH
export TNS_ADMIN
export PATH

Repository Database Creation Using Template:

To create the repository database,check all the prerequisites has to be done

Database version Enterprise Edition.

Character set AL32UTF8.

Step 1:- Unzip the repository template under the ORACLE_HOME.

[oracle@oem13c ~]$ cd /u01/app/oracle/product/

[oracle@oem13c templates]$ unzip /mnt/hgfs/OracleSoftwares/OEM\ 13c/

Database Creation :

Step 2:- Start the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) and create a new database using the template.

$ dbca

Step 3:- Select the “Create Database” option and click the “Next” button.

Step 4:- Select the “Advanced Mode” option and click the “Next” button.

Step 5:- Select appropriate template for your EM installation Small (my choice), Medium or Large then click “Next” button.

Step 6:- Enter the Global Database Name and SID, then click the “Next” button.

Step 7:- Both options “Configure Enterprise Manager (EM) Database Express” and “Register with Enterprise Manager (EM) Cloud Control” must be unchecked. Click “Next” button.

Step 8:- Enter the SYS and system password.Click the “Next” button.

Step 9:- Enter the listener details and click the the “Next” button.

Step 10:- Specify the location where to install new database. Then click “Next” button.

Step 11:- If we you need to change the memory settings and character sets.But I am accepting the memory defaults and character as “AL32UTF8” option.

Step 12:- Click the “Next” button to create the database.

Step 13:- Revise the database configuration before it will be created. Click “Finish” button to start installation.

Step 14:- Database creation is complete, click the “Close” button.

Install Cloud Control 13c software :

$ mkdir -p /u01/app/oracle/middleware
$ mkdir -p /u01/app/oracle/agent

Start installation


Step 15:- If you don’t want to get email after installation just uncheck “I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle Support” and click “Next” button.

Step 16:- Prerequisite checks are executed. I got two warnings for two cases but I ignored them

  • “memory”- EM installation requires at least 10GB.
  • “ip_local_port_range” – my range is wider 9000 – 65500  so I ignored it

Step 17:- Select “Simple” installation method then click “Next” button.

Step 18:- Enter middleware, agent location and click “Next” button.

Step 19:- Enter administrator password for EM and database credentials. Click “Next” button.

Step 20:- Uncheck “Configure a Shared Location for Oracle BI Publisher” then click “Next” button and Oracle software library is checked.

Step 21:- Review the summary screen and Click Install button

Step 22:- After installation,run script. Once done click “OK” button.

Step 23:- Note down the URL address of Final summary screen  for Cloud Control 13C

Accept license and agreement


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