Oracle Database 18.3.0 Installation On Premises Windows


In this article we are going to see On-Premise Oracle Database 18c (18.3) for Windows server 2012 R2  installation.

Click here to download Oracle 18c installation software.

Step 1:- Click create and configure a single instance database

Step 2:- Click Server class

Step 3:- Click the type of installation

Step 4:- Select the Database edition you want to install

Step 5:- Use a virtual account 

Step 6:- Provide the base directory.

Step 7:- select the database type as General Purpose

Step 8:- Provide Global database name and system identifier.

Step 9:- Check Memory and Character sets.

Step 10:- Select the storage location for datafiles

Step 11:- If you need EM control,specify the below details otherwise uncheck it. 

Step 12:- If you need database is in archivelog mode,Enable Recovery option.

Step 13:- Provide passwords for SYS and system user

Step 14:- Check the Summary window and Click Install

Step 15:- Finally click the close button

Step 16:- Check the database name and status.


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